Factors to consider while buying hoverboards

­This hoverboard reviews state various factors that need to be looked into while buying a hoverboard.

  • Safety:
    1. This hoverboard reviews recognizes that safety is one of the major factors when buying and hence detailed this subject below. On a brief note, hoverboards that have the American UL2272 certificate are deemed to be safe and of high quality. Hoverboards go through more than 150 tests before being certified.
UL Certification improves safety
  • Build Quality:
    • With hundreds of models available, comes also a choice with the build quality of hoverboards. The preference would be to select one that is strong and long lasting. Hoverboards today can differ in the quality of the housing material and frame. Some have metal wheels while others have plastic. The internal parts such as the sensors and motors also differ. It is important to remember that the cheapest product is not necessary the best option while the most expensive also doesn’t guarantee the finest choice. Instead the aim should be to look at brands with trusted presence in the market (highlighted in this hoverboard reviews article) that go beyond and after sale benefits such as customer support and warranty for the hoverboard.
  • Battery Life:
    • The assumption by many is that a long battery life equates to a good hoverboard however, it is essential to realize that battery life needs to be balanced with charging time and speed. Wouldn’t want to ride a hoverboard that lasts for hours but takes even longer to charge and barely goes over 5mph, would we?
Battery life is an important element to consider
  • Weight Capacity:
    • Hoverboards in the market have weight restrictions and it is important to consider this when buying. The average range for weight restrictions are somewhere between 40lbs to 220lbs however there are boards that have higher limits. Do not overload your hoverboard if you want to enjoy a long-lasting product! In fact, it is advised to buy a board with a limit higher than the rider’s body weight.
  • Pricing:
    • An important factor and one that depends completely on what features you wish to experience. With a general range between $100 to almost $1000, the options are endless. You need to decide a sweet spot. With more specs, features and durable materials used, the price of a hoverboard can go up. Balance your budget and requirements and with multiple products in the market, you will surely find the right one!


  • This is one of the most desirable features in hoverboards. On an average, most hoverboards in the market are around 10mph. However, there are models with speeds lower than that at around 6mph and models that go as high as 16mph. The high-speed boards are good for experienced and adventurous riders while the slower boards are better suited for beginners. However, make no mistake… even 6mph is fast when you are just a few inches off the ground!
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