Have you jumped on the wagon of the new transportation trend which are hoverboards? There are various models of hoverboards in the market however, once a purchase is made one element is a must: practice! To get started on becoming a pro rider, you must start practicing on the board and get comfortable. To make this learning journey more fun, we have compiled a list of 6 hoverboard games. These games are exciting to play with friends while building on your skills as a rider.

Before you start on these games, let’s work on adjusting yourself on a hoverboard. Place your feet on the pads of the hoverboard and adjust your weight until you can balance on the hoverboard. Once you have managed to maintain balance, experiment with moving your body forward to get the hoverboard rolling. Remember, safety is very important when it comes to riding hoverboards. Ensure you practice in an open space with minimum obstacles around and all safety gears in place. With that, by now you must be enjoying the thrill of whizzing through the air and ready to have more fun!

Let’s look at our list of 6 hoverboard games which can be enjoyed by kids and adults alike.

  • Hoverboard Tag

This is a worldwide known game that we have all played as little kids on our playgrounds. Well, with hoverboards we can now give it a new and interesting twist. Head over to the nearest park with your friends for a game of Tag on Hoverboards.

The rules are still the same: to start one player is “It”. “It” then tries to catch other players and upon contact with another player, yells out “Tag”. The tagged player is now the new “It” and repeats the cycle all over again. It’s an exciting game that all friends will enjoy and ensure your balance and skills on the hoverboard improves.

Once you are acclimatized to hoverboards, another fun twist to this game can be “Tag in the Dark.” All rules remain the same, except you play in the dark. The lights from your hoverboard should indicate where other players are, however, caution must be maintained throughout!

  • Hoverboard Race/ Obstacle Course

Get your competitive spirits ready and dash out to the finish line! This hoverboard game is also a recreation of the traditional race with a modern twist. Get all your friends on hoverboards at the start line and see who can cross the finish line the fastest.
To make the race more interesting, you could also add obstacles to the course to see who can cross it all the fastest. The game is only limited by your creativity! Add as many obstacles as needed: duck under a rope, manouver around plastic cones or cross little ramps. The difficulty of the course will have to depend on rider’s level of expertise.

  • Hoverboard Tug of War

Start off this thrilling hoverboard game by choosing two teams standing on either sides. The players will have to balance on hoverboards while pulling at either ends of a rope. The team that manages to pull the rope towards their side wins. However, if any member from either team loses balances and falls off the board, the opposing team wins!

The game sounds simple enough but add hoverboards to this mix and it all becomes more complicated and fun! The idea is to rely on two things: body strength to pull the rope and balancing skills to remain standing on the hoverboard.

  • Hoverboard Relay Races

This hoverboard game also requires teams, two at a minimum. To play, you would need a large course or ground with minimal obstacles. Each team start at the starting line with a baton in their hand while their team members are positioned along the racecourse. The idea is to pass the baton from one player to another along the course and see which team finishes the race the fastest.

A few rules will make this game more fun. If any member of a team loses balance off the hoverboard or drops the baton during the course of the race, they would have to start that leg of the race again. So balance, strong grip and race away!

  • Hoverboard Merry Go Round

Moving onto games that’s a bigger challenge than the aforementioned ones.

Another playground favorite is the dizzying merry go round.  Holding onto the rails of this circular device that keeps spinning while you see who can hold onto the longest, was how many of us spent hours of our childhood. 

Similarly, for this hoverboard game one needs to keep spinning in circles on their hoverboard to imitate a merry go round. The one who can stay onto their hoverboard the longest wins! However, if you get dizzy easily we would suggest to avoid this game.

  •  Hoverboard Knock Off

This hoverboard game is sure to bring on loads of laughs. It’s basically to see who can get their friends to fall off the board first. It can be played in various ways.

One way is for each player to use their own hoverboard and knock off the other rider to win. If you wish to spice things up, then two players can share one board. Each player needs to place both their feet on one end of the board. This way the control of the board is not reliant on one player which makes this game more challenging. Go going then and use all means possible to get our friend off the board. Ensure you don’t lose balance in your struggle or you lose!

Now that you have a list of fun hoverboard games, go out and try these with friends and family! Most of these games are ones that we have all grown up playing so it’s sure to bring up fond memories and made even better with your new hoverboards.
If you have any other fun hoverboard games you enjoy, we would love to hear of these in the comments! Please share your fun with us!  

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