Hoverboard Reviews- A Guide to the Best

For any Back to the Future fan, hoverboards have always been an item of fascination. This fascination became a global phenomenon when hoverboards hit the markets in 2015. Despite the name, this product (also known as self-balancing electric scooter) do not hover as much as they balance on two wheels. Hoverboards were further popularized by movies and celebrities and it became a sought-after gift for adults and kids alike. They are fun, innovative and an easy mode of personal transportation; what’s not to like? Our hoverboard reviews capture the top choices in the market with details of the specs and features.

Celebs on Hoverboards
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However, with the worldwide fame also came problems with safety with incidents where units caught fire due to overheating of the battery and companies in China and US recalled thousands of hoverboards.

Moving now to 2020, these safety concerns have been addressed to ensure consumers have access to safe and certified (details below) hoverboards. We have scanned the market and selected hoverboards that ensure you spend your money wisely. The hoverboard reviews below capture the 8 best and popular products in the market that are reliable and safe for you to fully enjoy this experience.

What are hoverboards?

Hoverboards are a self balancing electric platform that rests on two wheels for movement. The rider distributes their weight and controls the speed of the hoverboard by leaning forward or backward. These boards are fueled by electric batteries that are rechargeable.

Are they safe to use?

A valid and consistent concern by many is the safety of these hoverboards. With various fire hazards in the early days, these devices have garnered a bad name. However, the safety of these products have come a long way now and are considered as safe as any other device using lithium battery in your household such as smartphones. Head over to our Hoverboard Safety Concerns page for details.

Hoverboard Reviews – Top 8

Now that we are familiar with hoverboards and have had a glance at the top devices in the market, let’s head over to to the detailed hoverboard reviews page to delve into the details and gather an overview of the features and specs.

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