Hoverboard Safety Concerns

This is a topic that is of primary concerns for all. Here we detail why hoverboards have come a long way since the fires in its early days.

Are hoverboards safe yet?

Now onto an important topic when it comes to hoverboards. Safety. They have surely garnered a lot of bad name when it comes to safety due to incidents in the early days. But, hoverboard safety has come a long way from that now. Hoverboards that are now UL2272 certified have been deemed to be more reliable and no longer a fire hazard. They are as safe as any other product with lithium batteries such as laptops and smartphones.


As mentioned above, hoverboards came with its fair share of controversies. With more $4 million in property damage as cited by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), the hazard these products posed became a major concern.

Hoverboards became THE TOY for adults and kids alike. This surprising surge in demand meant that various unregulated and cheap brands or knock-offs flocked into the market. The manufacturers of these brands used substandard materials, particularly the lithium-ion batteries. These batteries are an essential component of the board; providing the power to internal sensors that ensure the board can balance. However, suboptimal batteries combined with low quality materials for the board led to products that became fire hazards. Based on CPSC’s advice companies recalled their hoverboards while major retail websites such as Amazon, Walmart and eBay banned hoverboard sales.

However, the situation improved when Underwriter Laboratories (UL) created safety standards for hoverboards. The standards evaluate the electrical and fire safety testing of hoverboards upon which a certification is issued under UL2272. The product needs to pass through more than 150 various test including overcharge test, crash and shock test, short circuit test, water exposure text and many more, before the certification is issued. In fact, the CPSC has urged all manufacturers, importers and retailers in the US to ensure hoverboards are UL2272 compliant.

How to ensure your hoverboard is UL 2272 compliant?

  1. Look for the Certification Mark

According to CPSC, all  UL2272 products have a certification mark on the front of the packaging along with a holographic certification label with the Enhanced Mark on the bottom of the product. These labels are your indication that product is genuine, complaint and safe. The following example is one of a UL certification label:

Source: CPSC Hoverboard Safety Alert

  1. Buy from trusted and reputable sources

Retailers like Amazon allow the sale of only UL2272 certified hoverboards that are tested and meet all safety requirements. Many other retailers are following this practice which ensures the sale of reliable products.

All products mentioned in this article are UL2272 compliant and available on Amazon.

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