An item of immense fascination and popular product that is used by celebrities and featured in various movies: hoverboards. This item is a favorite among kids and adults equally and there are now many hoverboard tricks and stunts that have been circling the internet. This can inspire all riders to try and learn at least a few hoverboard tricks to show off in front of friends and family.

Our article is a guide towards 7 hoverboard tricks which are for all levels – beginners who are trying to do the tricks for the first time, intermediates and advanced/professionals.

We have put together GIFs and Videos of the tricks so that you can watch and learn for a better understanding.

Caution before you start

The most important thing while learning how to hover or doing a trick is self-balance. Once you have aced that then all you need to do is keep practicing. As the famous phrase goes practice makes a man perfect.

Practice them first at home or a friend’s place or a smooth & flat surface so that even if you fall the injuries remain minimal.

Make sure to use all the safety gears (helmet, elbow guard, knee guard) to protect from injuries while doing the tricks.

It is better to have a family/elderly person with you to supervise the safety concerns and help in case of injuries.

  • The Genie – For Beginners

Let’s start with an easy one. A hoverboard trick that is for beginners who have just started to use a board and trying to get a hang of the tricks. This is ideal for riders who are trying to build their confidence before moving onto other hoverboard tricks.

This step requires two things: a large space for easy maneuvering and knee strength. The idea is to set your knees onto the hoverboard footpads and balance yourself on it. To start with, keep the tips of your toes on the ground and then slowly shift your weight around until you manage to balance on your knees. Then use your body to move the board around and there you go!
Do practice multiple times until you are able to balance on your knees well and also keep your feet on the ground until you are comfortable. This is a skill that one can master easily with enough practice.

  • The Stork – For Beginners

Another favorite among beginners is The Stork. This can be started once you are a bit more comfortable using a hoverboard.

To perform the trick, move one foot to one side of the board and rest the other foot on the hoverboard’s bumper. This is the posture you need to maintain and slowly start spinning. Remember, do not panic and work towards maintaining balance. Practice your balance in this position and soon you can be performing intermediary tricks.

  • Sitting spin (The Butterfly) – For Intermediates

Now we have a more confident and comfortable rider who is ready to move onto intermediary tricks! And what better way than to start with the Sitting Spin aka The Butterfly.

To start, sit at one end of your hoverboard while balancing your feet on the opposite end. Your knees need be bent in a relaxed position. Now to move you need to press down slowly at the footpad near your feet and tilt your body to either move.

While getting off your hoverboard, be careful. Put you hands behind you on the ground and lift your body and feet off the board at the same time. This would prevent any accidental movement.

  • One-foot roundabout – For Intermediates

This is a cool trick that is fun and tried by many. Look at the GIF to understand how this trick works.

Place both feet onto the footpads on the board and squat down. Place your left hand on the bumper while slowly lifting your left foot behind you. To make sure you can balance well, grab your floating foot with your right hand and secure it tight (the hands can be exchanged at your convenience obviously).

Now that the position is fixed and your balance is in control, tilt ahead or backward to move or even spin. It’s bound to gather attention!

Now it’s time for hoverboard tricks that usually experts take on. If you can balance your weight on turns and control any speed without a fuss then your ready. But make sure to practice these tricks over and over again until you are 100% confident as they are really difficult hoverboard tricks.

  • 180degree – For Advanced Professionals/Experts

A trick that many experts can be seen performing is the 180 Degree. This hoverboard trick requires accurate timing and good balance, so practice is essential.

Stand on your hoverboard in a relaxed position and move your weight onto one foot and ensure it applies pressure forward. At the same time the other foot would apply pressure backward which would help the board to turn.

Bend your knees while shifting your weight on the board and then twist and jump! Keep looking at your board which will turn 180 degrees before you land onto the footpads to complete this splendid trick!

This common and easy trick requires you to get moving forward on a hoverboard and then rotating the board. At the same time, jump slightly and once the hoverboard has rotated, fall back onto the footpads. It hardly takes a few seconds, but the trick is sure to impress.

  • Handstand – For Advanced Professionals/Experts

This is definitely a trick that is reserved for experts. Even if you are skilled, it is recommended to perform this trick around friends or family with all necessary safeguards in place.

A prerequisite for this trick is to be able to do a handstand on the ground. A handstand requires balance, coordination and good arm strength. You would need to place your palms on the ground and raise your body and legs to balance above you.

This hoverboard trick is basically doing a handstand on the board instead of the ground. You need to place your palms onto the footpads of the board and then balance your body above you.

Again, this is an expert level trick that needs a lot of practice and careful considerations.

  • Tootsie Roll – For Advanced Professionals/Experts

This is again an expert level trick that is very famous and definitely an eye catcher! Please ensure you are surrounded by friends or family while practicing this to ensure your safety. This trick needs a lot of focus, balance and accurate timing which can come only after one has practiced and excelled their skills using a hoverboard.

To perform this trick, move forward on your hoverboard to get moving. Then slowly hop off the back of your hoverboard, allowing it to roll over the surface. Look at the rolling hoverboard carefully to time your jump and once you see the footpads facing upwards, jump onto them. It sounds easy but again timing and balance is key!

Keep practicing on a level surface and soon you will seal your name as an expert hoverboard rider.

And there you go!

We hope this article helps you grow as a hoverboard rider living one adventure to the other. The sport is fun and helps us challenge ourselves to perform better and thrilling tricks every time.

Remember safe practicing is important. The journey from a beginner to an expert will be made easier if you are confident and comfortable. Be safe and enjoy these amazing hoverboard tricks!

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